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Appendices to the manuscript. Five appendices to the manuscript "Assessment of carbon in woody plants and soil across a vineyard-woodland landscape" are included in this file. The appendices are as follows: 1. Survey instrument and results of survey given to vineyard managers to determine vineyard management history. 2. Woody biomass data from sample plots in wildlands. 3. Woody species and genera encountered in wildland plots for which allometric equations to calculate aboveground woody biomass were available, listed with source of allometric equation used. 4. Ordination data and results. Includes sample sites and environmental variables used in modeling and ordination analysis, as well as a plot of the ordination results. 5. Vine carbon calculation. Includes regression data, graph of regression curve, and application of the resultant equation to estimate vine biomass as a function of age across the five ranches where the study was conducted.

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Williams et al. Carbon Balance and Management 2011 6:11   doi:10.1186/1750-0680-6-11